Ziba 2-1/2" Heel Dark Tan Satin

Ziba 2-1/2" Heel Dark Tan Satin

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The Ziba is one of our most popular and versatile shoes. An open toe shoe, the width is adjustable with a buckle, and the back features a secure double-wrap buckle strap. The exterior of the front is closed, holding in that pesky little pinky toe securely, while the interior of the front is strapped for a super-sexy look.

Speaking of super-sexy, the interior front straps of the Ziba also allow for that unmistakable sign of a true female dancer: the bunion! If you are so blessed, the Ziba will accommodate the bunion and allow you to wear this sexy and COMFORTABLE shoe.

In addition to many leather, suede, and satin colors, the Ziba is available in multiple heel heights: 1-1/4" cuban (wide) heel, 2" (narrow) heel, 2-1/2", 3-1/2", and 3-1/2" platform.

This product is the Ziba 2-1/2" heel Dark Tan Satin.

Please see our other products for the Ziba in other heel heights and styles.

  • Ladies shoe with heel height of 2-1/2";
  • Slim, sexy, stable heel;
  • Adjustable front to accommodate different foot widths.
  • Double-wrap buckle;
  • Open toe;
  • Dark Tan Satin (perfect for competition).