Lady Godiva Adjustable Width Lower Heel

Elegance and KelaCi is the ORIGINAL designer of the mesh-sided lace-up dance shoe. Our Lady Godiva series features special multi-movement mesh that conforms to the shape of your foot without buckling or gapping. It provides support to your entire foot and will continue to conform to your foot shape with wear. 

All Lady Godiva shoes feature our unique double-sole. This extra padding might initially challenge your articulating foot to "find the floor" but once your foot finds the floor, the results are magical. It adds hours to your dancing time because of the added comfort and reduced fatigue.

 Available in a variety of configurations and materials:

  • suede, leather, stretch fabric;
  • taupe, black, patent leather sparkle, ABC mesh;
  • closed toe, open toe;
  • tongue or no tongue.

As with all of our shoes, we will create a custom pair for you in any material or color you request. 

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