About Tevarya Dance Shoes

Welcome to Tevarya Dance Shoes (formerly Delight in Dance)!

Tevarya Dance Shoes is the ultimate place to shop for dance shoes and related accessories.  Ballroom, Latin, and Practice shoes, as well as incredibly fashionable and contemporary dance boots. Our brands have one thing in common: superior quality design, style, construction, and engineering.  

Tevarya Dance Shoes represents the manufacturer of Elegance and KelaCi shoes.  As such Tevarya can provide custom styles and designs.  We have complete control over quality of production throughout the entire manufacturing process. 

Tevarya Dance Shoesis headed by Nina Kimbrough. Once an engineer and a teacher of mathematics, Nina now identifies herself as a dancer. She has always loved beautiful shoes (obsession? passion? addiction?) and being able to pair this with a love for dance is a dream come true for Nina. 

Our staff includes:

Jesse Goodnight provides sales support for our traveling trunk shows (aka the muscle). He is beyond charming and is an experienced professional ballroom dancer and instructor. 

Ruby McCreary is the best general assistant anyone could have. Ruby's most valuable contribution to Tevarya is helping Nina maintain her sanity. Plus she has fabulous ideas about many aspects of running the business. 

* Delight in Dance comes from a direct translation of Terpsichore, one of Apollo's nine Muses and goddess of dance and chorus. Her name comes from the Greek words τέρπω ("delight") and χoρός ("dance"). Terpsichore, Delight in Dance.


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