Ziba 3-1/2" Heel

Ziba 3-1/2" Heel

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The Ziba is one of our most popular and versatile shoes. An open toe shoe, the width is adjustable with a buckle, and the back features a secure double-wrap buckle strap. The exterior of the front is closed, holding in that pesky little pinky toe securely, while the interior of the front is strapped for a super-sexy look.

In addition to many leather, suede, and satin colors, the Ziba is available in multiple heel heights: 1-1/4" cuban (wide) heel, 2" (narrow) heel, 2-1/2", 3-1/2", and 3-1/2" platform.

This product is the Ziba with a 3-1/2" heel and flexi-sole. The Flexi-sole allows for excellent attenuation for the Latin dancer to accentuate a beautiful foot and arch. Please see our other products for the Ziba in other heel heights and styles.

  • Ladies shoe with heel height of 3-1/2";
  • Flexible sole;
  • Slim, sexy, stable heel;
  • Adjustable front to accommodate different foot widths.
  • Double-wrap buckle;
  • Open toe;
  • Double sole for padded comfort;
  • Silver Multi-Point Leather, or Gold Multi-Point Leather.