Jizel Mesh Flexi 3" Heel Dark Tan

Jizel Mesh Flexi 3" Heel Dark Tan

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The Jizel Mesh Flexi is part of the Jizel family (also available in lower heel, without the super-flexible sole). It is a gorgeous peep-toe shoe featuring a double front strap with mesh sizes, and a double-wrap strap. The mesh front keeps your toes from "popping out of the side of the shoe" and has a bit of a stretch to accommodate foot or toe variations.

The Jizel Mesh Flexi  sole is super-flexible, perfect for the precision Latin dancer who really wants to work the floor.

This series of the Jizel Mesh Flexi  is available in Dark Tan Satin with a 3" heel.

  • Ladies shoe with heel height of 3";
  • Front double strap with mesh sides;
  • Double-Wrap Strap;
  • Open toe;
  • Dark Tan Satin.