Godiva Chic SPINE Platform Dance Boot
Godiva Chic SPINE Platform Dance Boot

Godiva Chic SPINE Platform Dance Boot

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The Godiva Chic is THE dance boot of the year. Worn by celebrity performers, the Godiva Chic is a spectacularly stylish and comfortable dance boot. You will not have to think about your feet or ankles - the extra-fine mesh of the Godiva Chic will support your foot and ankle with total confidence, allowing you to dance to your heart's delight.

This Godiva Chic SPINE Platform features a suede sole, perfect for street-wear and/or hip-hop/contemporary dance. An optional rubber sole for street wear is also available. The 1-1/2" platform complements the 5" heel. The Platform Godiva Chic is a favorite of the Hip Hop Heelz.

The platform engineering is so sophisticated that it enhances your stride; the angle works perfectly with your own natural gait so you are fully stable and secure in the phenomenal Godiva Chic SPINE Platform.

  • Practice or performance style
  • Double sole
  • 5" heel, sexy and stable
  • Platform style
  • Adjustable lace-up from toe to ankle-top for a super-secure fit
  • Open-toe
  • Brown Python Leather, Black Mesh, and Spine Heels.