Godiva Chic Tan Leather 1/2" Platform Dance Boot
Godiva Chic Tan Leather 1/2" Platform Dance Boot

Godiva Chic Tan Leather 1/2" Platform Dance Boot

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The Godiva Chic is THE dance boot of the year. Worn by celebrity performers, the Godiva Chic is a spectacularly stylish and comfortable dance boot. You will not have to think about your feet or ankles - the extra-fine mesh of the Godiva Chic will support your foot and ankle with total confidence, allowing you to dance to your heart's delight.

This Platform Godiva Chic features suede sole, perfect for street-wear and/or hip-hop/contemporary dance. The 1/2" platform complements the 2-1/2" heel, making for an extremely easy to wear shoe. This particular style is, in our opinion, THE MOST COMFORTABLE AND EASY-TO-WEAR of all our Godiva Chic Platform booties.

This limited special offer is to help clear extra inventory. We are no longer manufacturing this style so once they're gone, they're gone. Get 'em while you can!

The platform engineering is so sophisticated that it enhances your stride; the angle works perfectly with your own natural gait so you are fully stable and secure in the phenomenal Platform Godiva Chic.

  • Practice or performance style
  • Padded insole
  • 1/2" platform and 2-1/2" heel, sexy and stable
  • Platform style
  • Adjustable lace-up from toe to ankle-top for a super-secure fit
  • Open-toe
  • Tan Leather
  • Takes leather dye beautifully - have your shoe repair shop dye to any color you can imagine!