ShoeShine "Rose Symmetrical" Black

ShoeShine "Rose Symmetrical" Black

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ShoeShine is Tevarya's unique approach to easily "blinging up" your shoes. This applique series is custom-made by a ballroom rhinestone specialist exclusively for Tevarya. All pieces are sized especially to fit on various parts of the shoe:

  • the back heel cap,
  • on the outside of the heel cap,
  • on the toe,
  • on the heel;
  • lots of choices!

We'll work with you to determine the best placement for the style you choose.

These appliques can also be used to made headpieces or other ballroom decorations.

The Rose Symmetrical is available as a left-right pair. The Rose Symmetrical will allow you to maintain the same appearance on the left and right shoe.

This is Rose Symmetrical Black.

You can purchase one piece only, or a symmetrical pair.

You can choose to have Tevarya attach the applique to the shoe at no extra charge, or you can purchase the applique only (no application needed).